Commitment to eco-sustainability


Our determination that Fastvínic celebrates the finest local produce and wines is evidence of our strong commitment to sustainable development. It is a commitment that has seen Fastvínic become the first restaurant in Spain to obtain LEED Gold certification. This recognition also reflects Fastvínic’s interior design. Alfons Tost, who is also responsible for Monvínic, has managed to combine aesthetics and functionality in order to create a dynamic space which has become an international benchmark for ecodesign. Please read Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability* for more details. Environmental sustainability is fundamental to Fastvínic. This unshakable principle is based on three pillars: the choice of food, the selection of wines and the design and functioning of the premises. 1. Our sandwiches and side orders are essentially made from Catalan products, a good proportion of which are ecological, and we prioritize seasonal produce. In fact, every product comes with the guarantee of the very same suppliers who, every week, provide Monvínic with the fruits of their labour. Using the highest quality, organic, local food produced with respect for the seasons means that every mouthful bursts with intense, authentic flavours. 2. The twenty or more wines available by the glass every day are all Catalan; further confirmation of our total commitment to prioritize local products. So Fastvínic will offer a generous representation of every one of the Catalan Denominacions d’Origen. It goes without saying that we will prioritize those vignerons who, more than simply make quality wines, have a particular focus on viticulture and oenology with a low environmental impact. 3. Despite the eco-sustainable essence of our range of food and wine, we would be paying little more than lip service to sustainability if the design and functioning of the premises did not also scrupulously meet the same criteria. Apart from the glasses and the trays, all the material used in Fastvínic is recycled. For all of us, for future generations, and for the planet earth on which we live and depend.